Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking dedicated to the development of youth opportunity and improvement of South Africa’s industry. We give talented young South Africans from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, the opportunity to flourish in film, with industry-specific skills required for employment.

Big Fish receives support from foundations, corporate organisations, government departments and international investors to help fund the education of its students. It is a mutually beneficial partnership, with a wealth of rewards for organisations that come on board.

Donations are channelled towards student tuition, a yearly fee which encompasses more than just lectures and books. Included in the total tuition price are accommodation costs; production fees; entrepreneurial training, life skills; computer literacy; student counselling and weekly student stipends, which are often used to support families in rural communities.

In return, funders receive lucrative professional benefits in the form of tax advantages, contributions to BEE status and domestic, regional and international marketing exposure.

Where we go, our funders go. All Big Fish projects include benefactor branding, which is showcased at film festivals, conferences, workshops and conventions locally and abroad. Students are often commissioned by benefactors to create short films on behalf of corporate social investment projects, generating exposure for both enterprise and NGOs.

Big Fish allows benefactors tax deductions on their investment. Our level four B-BBEE status additionally gives our funders the opportunity to enhance their own BEE scorecard in South Africa.

For more sponsorship information, please contact:

Dr Melanie Chait
Tel: 011 482 5599