Big Fish has deepened its commitment to civil society with the creation of four mobile internet channels, a platform for NGOs to democratise the media through the targeted use of interactive audio-visual material to a broader audience at vastly reduced rates.

The platform operates as a dedicated, online space for organisations to communicate their mandates to targeted interest groups, creating new avenues for activism and lobbying for social justice and democratic change. The channels effectively allow NGOs direct access to engaged audiences via interactive programming, live broadcasts and social media interconnectivity.

New and existing content production is largely driven by NGOs themselves, with the input of Big Fish graduates to contextualise programming for effective broadcast reach. Grassroots communities and activists have also been trained to produce content for the channel which we edit and contextualise for airing.

Audiences can access this interactive content at hugely reduced data costs thanks to innovative new rate-adaptive technology from the CSIR, ensuring effective cross-communication between activists and organisations.

All four channels feature focused programming according to genre-specific broadcast schedules. Content can additionally be downloaded in the event of a missed broadcast.

Each channel is an opportunity for a new generation of civil activists to communicate and engage each other on a range of pertinent issues from government accountability, xenophobia, LGBTI rights and health issues to the environment, food security, culture, legal issues and more.

The platform will also serve as a communications tool for development agencies, NGOs and civil society to reach members, staff and community groups with educational material and interactive training content.

We believe the moment to democratise the media is now. Our mobile channels are a unique opportunity for the empowerment of civil society, and a new approach to driving social transformation and transparency through contextualised and interactive audio-visual content.

We look forward to working with new and existing members of civil society to promote and develop this technologically-advanced avenue for active citizenship and enriched social dialogue

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